20 megawatts of Ocean Wave Energy: Maximum

Let’s have a reality check: 20 megawatts. That’s how much electricity – enough to light about 16,000 American homes – has been generated by ocean wave energy worldwide.  Despite years of work by a plethora of start-ups and many millions of dollars in government support, no clear winner yet among device types and companies (according to research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance).

  • HUG is a patented Helical Wave Energy System that will change the face of our world as we know it.
  • New technology leads to new growth opportunities.
  • Canada & USA can lead the world in new technology
HUG Cost Comparison
HUG Cost Comparison

Enter the HUG Technology, which can create an artificial reef in most places and, more important, on most islands. HUG Technology is “Base load” Renewable Energy technology like a hydroelectric dam.  Most of the base load technology we rely on for day in and day out electricity is both base load like coal, gas, or nuclear unfortunately. That means it’s available 24/7 at the low rate of $0.02/kWh.

Ocean Wave Energy

Wave power doesn’t get much attention in the United States and Canada, but technologies for extracting energy from ocean motion could end up following the same growth curves that  we have seen for wind and, more recently, solar power.

A theme among wave power experts is that wave energy is where wind energy was three decades ago. The United States and Canada now has the opportunity to be a leader in the long run on harnessing this vast renewable resource. They need to make larger waves in this market sooner than later.

Isn’t this an exciting possibility for someone seeking innovative greenhouse solutions?  Imagine what changes this would bring to every island that has good wave action.



New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Our Mission: to help solve the problem of carbon dioxide build up in the world by growing and managing mature forests of foliage, fruit and nut trees that eventually are used in lumber — not firewood. The Carbon Tax Fund supports a Micro finance initiative to support women farmers and their families who will nurture these trees over their lifetime. The Net Present Value of each tree is $1.49 including maintenance for 25 years.

Tree Growth


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