OIL SPILLS: “Bad will” not Goodwill

Badwiil not Goodwill
Badwiil not Goodwill

OIL SPILLS: “Badwill” not Goodwill

  • North Dakota, recorded nearly 300 oil pipeline spills in less than two years. That is badwill, not goodwill.
  • The pipeline spills are among some 750 “oil field incidents” that have occurred since January 2012 without public notification.
Badwill not Goodwill
Badwill not Goodwill
  • One spill was one of the largest in North Dakota’s history, estimated at 20,600 barrels. Oil oozed over an area the size of seven football fields.
Badwill not Goodwill
Badwill not Goodwill




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