How can we deliver true energy transformation to the world?

“An investment in a true energy transformation requires governments, research institutions, businesses, and private investors to work together.”

imperative action needed

The world is going to be using 50 percent more energy by mid-century than it does today.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has emerged as a force for innovation:  “No Investor or group of investors can do this alone. Breakthrough Energy is committed to encouraging a broad network of public and private capital to work together to solve the problem. An investment in a true energy transformation requires governments, research institutions, businesses, and private investors to work together.”

“The Breakthrough Energy Coalition created BEV to address some of those challenges in the energy market. We are willing to wait a longer time for returns than other funds. Finally, the fund is committed to discovering breakthroughs, wherever they are.” 

“We must stop looking for business plans and look instead at the innovation after all it is the innovation and not how the owner of the IP will run a business which will stop CO2 emissions.”

The HUG: a True Energy Transformation

Which renewable energy source has the most potential?

  1. The HUG is feasible, renewable and clean alternative for low cost power production.  An estimated 10 million people live mostly in urban areas along the banks of the river in any under developed country.hug energy system hug energy system
  1. Only 3 percent of the nation’s 80,000 dams currently generate power. An Energy Department-funded study found that 12,000 megawatts of hydroelectric generating capacity could be added to existing dams around the country.

The HUG System

Imagine two, three or twenty of these barges strung along a river one behind the other without environmental impact.  Individual units come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5kW to as high as 2000kW, and they can be configured in arrays of much larger capacity – potentially hundreds of MW. 

Hydro power costs less than most energy sources. It is now the leading source of renewable energy, although wind and solar are fast on its heels. Still, hydro could expand its market as well.  

Most inventions are not usually new: this new HUG (Helical Unique Generation) invention is a combination of two inventions: the Gorlov Helical Turbine (1992), which is the child of the Darrieus turbine (1926),  where the power is transferred perpendicular to the flow as opposed to propellers or wind turbines, and Vortex Technology, developed by Dr. Viktor Schauberger (1929).  A vortex pathway at the end of which is a  helical turbine creates a marriage of these two inventions. The velocity of the water flows is much higher in this pencil-shaped HUG than the outside affluent flow.

hug energy system

Now our hydro energy barge system is smaller and creates higher velocity: this is the SECRET of the Vortex! Laminar flow is created in the HUG with almost zero friction because a boundary layer is created, where the flow never touches the inside of the HUG pipeline system. This energy, which this current form ‘generates’, can be seen in any tornado.

The HUG adds over three times the increase of velocity created from its vortex. The turbine’s power is proportional to the cube of its average velocity. Thus, a doubling of the average speed of the flow results in an eight-fold increase in its power, which results in the lowest cost: $0.01/kWh.

The resulting kinetic energy would be increased by a power of 63/23 or 27 times.  The 4 knot (2 m/sec) current becomes 6 m/sec in the HUG and the KE increases from 50 kW to 1350 kW.

{KE (Kinetic Energy) = .5 x Area x v3 x .35 (efficiency)} for v = velocity

HUG Vortex Energy

Kinetic hydro power is dam-less hydro power that is converted from energy found in the flowing water currents of rivers, oceans, tides and even ocean waves: 



Ocean Currents:


HUG Spin-offs: 


Electrifying Unpowered Dams: 

Electrifying Unpowered Dams

Ocean Wave Energy:



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