HUG Mission

HUG Mission

HUG MissionOur HUG Mission

We now travel forward to your new world. The limits are real and close and there is just exactly enough time, with no time to waste. There is exactly enough energy, enough resources, enough money, enough environmental sensitivity and enough human virtue to bring about a revolution to a better new world in our HUG Mission.

The Huge HUG Innovation


The Rapids HUG creates electricity from the kinetic energy of any fast moving water.  Remote aboriginal, northern mining and tourist locations will finally have access to inexpensive electricity without the use of a dam. This system allows for fish migration, unlike dams.


Although there is new interest in low head turbines, the Waterfall HUG is the most efficient of all the systems because it follows the uncultivated hydrodynamic laws of physics related to a vortex. 


Wave Energy Systems density is 30-100 KW per meter of wave length and they can be located anywhere along the shore where most populations exist. HUG Wave Energy will be a boon to islands that must rely on importing expensive oil for their electrical generation systems.


Presently no turbines in the pilot project stage are commercially viable.  We now have a Tidal HUG (Helical Unique Generation) patent based on the physics of the vortex, which will revolutionize tidal energy.  


Presently none of 100 patents for ocean energy are in the pilot project stage. The velocity of the ocean currents is too slow to become economically viable.  By using a new vortex system, the HUG increases the speed of its flow to four times the velocity of the ocean flow.


 A pylons act as an “energy body“, which increases the normal velocity of slower moving rivers, thereby increasing the kinetic energy exponentially to the power of three. Count the number of pylons on each urban bridge in the world and you will realize the potential.


Gray water from tall buildings can be directed in the path of miniature HUG pumps, which moves the gray water upward to be recycled at the level of the highest floors. 


A portable HUG creates electricity by a flow of water which activates a helical turbine that energizes an electric generator, which is kept dry above the water level by a set of floats.


We have discovered new inexpensive ways to manage the water shortage. The Spiral HUG Water Transfer System dramatically exceeds the previous distance limits of 70 -80 km of transferring fresh water. The HUG Water Transfer System allows water transfers for over 500 km under the ocean waves, which is previously unimagined.


Proper rehabilitation of gas or oil pipelines after their functional date of 20 to 45 years continues to be a very expensive problem: replacement cost of corroded pipelines is presently prohibitive. The HUG Pipeline Liner runs uninterrupted over one mile by making use of an extra 2 inch gap between the liner and the carrier pipeline.    

We know that we all live in a world whose rules are geared to lesser qualities. You simply must listen to the cynicism around you and pity those who believe it, but please don’t believe it yourself. Let us be Leaders.

1.     Leading in the Field

The necessity of taking the industrial world of growth to its next stage of evolution (sustainability) is not a disaster, but it is an opportunity.


The HUG captures energy from waterfalls, rapids, rivers, ocean currents, wave energy and tides, which all have been largely untapped.

The much discussed $40 billion Grand Inga Dam has not developed because of the extremely high price in an unstable Democratic Republic Congo government. The solution to this enigma is an inexpensive modular system, which can be built in increments for a fraction of the cost. HUG Rapids Energy Systems can provide the same energy as the more expensive dam without limiting fish migration.


The most profitable project involves selling water rights in Southern and Western United States from the Great Lakes: water diversion from the James Bay River Basin to the Ottawa River Drainage Basin at Matawa on the Ottawa River through Georgian Bay.


In a recent conference in Saudi Arabia of the oil and gas industry, fully one-third of the agenda was devoted to trying to solve this very problem of oil pipeline renewal. The HUG Pipeline Liner uses a continuous extrusion system located at the entrance of this carrier pipeline that extrudes a liner over one mile.

2. Growing


All the countries in the world that need energy, which support the HUG, will experience an electrical renewal  or revolution unlike anything they have ever experienced from micro hydro to large scale wave energy projects.


HUG Water Transfer Pipelines can be built under ocean waves from 40 world locations which will have an effect on many countries that need fresh water because of over population.


There is a large demand for renewing old oil pipelines at lower cost in lieu of replacement.

3.  Collaborative

  1. Profit sharing for our team.
  2. Aboriginal Public Private Partnership to give part ownership to the reservations
  3. Patent Promotion Fee
  4. Job sharing on Internet related products
  5. License agreements with established hydro companies to provide HUG Energy Systems.

4.   Economic Efficiency

  1. Ideal energy solutions for mines in remote areas
  2. Introducing HUG Tidal and Ocean Current Energy where there has been no commercial success.
  3. Capturing kinetic energy from ocean waves near large port cities.
  4. Reducing the costs of water transfer systems drastically over long distances
  5. Replacing the unrealistic $40 billion dam planned for the Congo River at Inga with the HUG Energy System.

One way a small company flourishes is to learn how to act really big: to quickly take advantage of all the tools of collaboration; to outsource our venture to the most efficient people anywhere in the world.

VISIONHUG Mission Vision

A sustainable world can never happen if it can’t be envisioned. Visioning means imagining, at first generally and then with increasing specific orientation of what you really want:

1.    Resourceful

  1. Two inventions of helical turbine and the vortex are rolled into one to produce the HUG Energy System.
  2. Seamless long-distance HUG Water Transfer System under the ocean waves between countries
  3. Mines, tourist sites, fish and hunting camps will flourish with electricity in remote areas.
  4. New water transfer from James Bay Basin to address water loss in the Great Lakes
  5. The HUG Wave Energy will introduce entirely new electricity unavailable on most islands of the world.

Human ingenuity of our company will make natural resources more plentiful, affordable, and sustainable.

2.     Sharing

  1. Employee Profit Sharing in profit-sharing corporations
  2. License agreements cost as little as 2% of net sales of hydro companies
  3. Personalized gifts are used as a thank-you for donations.
  4. Supporting Hydro Industry with innovative patented products
  5. Company’s not-for-profit goals to help the less fortunate.

If you find a network of others who share your same interest, it will not only help you learn but it will allow you to pass your learning on to others. Each person will use their action, whatever it is, to learn and to give more than to take.

3.     Generous

  1. Providing electricity in remote areas of Africa and other under developed countries
  2. Providing irrigation to remote areas of Africa and other under developed countries.
  3. Providing needed fresh water resources to third world countries by HUG Water Transfer.
  4. Third World Hydro Projects include a 10% charge for Community Development.
  5. Selling to Public Private Partnerships to support funding for further innovative projects

See how our world is completely blind to generosity and pay no attention to limits of growth, until all the resources are nearly exhausted, when it is too late to act.  We must provide leadership for change.

4.     Loving

  1. God’s Love letter messages are all about God’s love at
  2. Water Transfer Systems can encourage Egypt-Jordan-Palestinian-Israeli partnership.
  3. Africa will be completely renewed with new electricity from the Congo River.
  4. Aboriginals will be given a new lease on life with new energy sources in remote areas.
  5. Raising charitable funds will support micro finance and tele-health in remote areas of Africa

Beyond the question of sustainability is a more important principle. One usually doesn’t speak about love except in a romantic or trivial sense. Anyone who talks about brotherly or sisterly love is open to ridicule. Yet it is this that fills the emptiness in one’s life.

5.     Spiritual

  1. Donations will support spiritual goals for the non-profit Living Water Microfinance Inc.
  2. Living Water Is Corporation is a profit-oriented sister corporation with the same aim.
  3. HUG Energy Inc. a profit-oriented corporation raises funds through licensing HUG projects.
  4. Executive Hiring Requirements lean toward committed spiritual people
  5. Donated funds are directed to micro finance in African countries and other under developed countries.

When vision is shared, it can bring about new systems. Universally, people must know that they are not alone and they are among equals.

HUG Missiion

World Wave Energy


New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Tree Growth

A Full Scale Aquaponic Tree Nursery in Africa 


  1. An Irrigation System:
  2. A Rabbit and Fish Farm:
  3. An Agroforestry Intercrop System:
  4. The Charitable Arm:
  5. God’s Loveletters:
  6. Thunder of Justice:
  7. Microfinance for
  8. Deliverance Is:



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