Spiraling HUG Pipeline Liner

  • Over the past decades, no major breakthroughs have occurred in the basic machinery of pipeline rehabilitation.untitled-4
  • The Spiraling HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good, which has never been seen before. It deviates substantially from any other good produced before.
  • The Spiraling HUG HDPE Pipeline Liner is installed inside an existing carrier pipeline that has failed due to corrosion.
  • There is no maximum pressure limitation as the host steel pipe provides the structural pressure containment.


  • The best feature is its efficiency: there is little friction created on the inside lining because of its near-zero friction.
  • This translates into farther distances needed between pumps (seven times) and less pumping stations and even smaller diameter pipelines to do the same job.
The Importance of Preventing Particles in the Oil from Grinding at the Bottom of the Pipeline
  • Ship Captains know this and they have their ship engineer rotate all pipes a quarter turn on schedule

The Middle East

Among the largest producing regions, the Middle East is also the fastest growing market for pipelines. The region will expand by 42% in construction length and 63% in expenditure over the next 5 years. Why not install a HUG thermostatic liner in all the new pipeline networks to extend their lifetime to 50 years for a reasonable extra cost?* 


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