New Technology: Pipeline Liners


This innovative pipeline liner promises to revolutionize the rehabilitation of pipelines that cause exorbitant spills. 

  • Presently no new patents exist for technology to rehabilitate Pipelines so efficiently — up to now.
  • The most important attribute that you can have is creative imagination — the ability to be the first on your block to figure out how all these enabling tools can be put together in new and exciting ways.
  • The important consideration is the Spiraling HUG Cost of Construction: 25% to 33% lower with high profits.
  • HUG provides a fast, high return on investment to the first monopoly to introduce this new technology.
  • The First Oil, Gas or Pipeline Company, which will introduce the Spiraling HUG, will have a monopolistic position for 20 years and will explode in value in the same way that the common shares of Apple burst because of their new technology.



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