The HUG: the Innovative Pipeline Liner

The HUG: the Innovative Pipeline Liner


THE HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a new good, which has never been seen before. It substantially deviates from any other good or service produced before. Over the past decades, no major breakthroughs or innovation have occurred in the basic machinery of pipeline rehabilitation using a liner.

THE NEED: Corrosion remains the number one problem in the industry. The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) is the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is among the leading producers of natural gas, and monitors and controls a 20,000 km pipeline network. The problem of corrosion took precedence in the latest pipeline conference this summer in Saudi Arabia: one third of the time was allocated to this problem.


In January 2010, UAE-based construction firm, Dodsal, won a contract for the replacement of a 100 km, 36 inch diameter pipeline linking Abu Dhabi, worth approximately $US 85 million: $US 8.5 million/km. The HUG Thermoplastic Liner would have cost 25% to 33% less: $56.6million to $US64 million– a saving up to $US21 million and still would have generated a very high profit margin.

What is needed is a larger 2 inch gap with a lubricated slip slide, which will be extruded at the rehabilitation site and inserted over one mile.


  • Our patented technique has a larger gap between each pipe to avoid corrosion obstruction (2″ – not 0.5″). We don’t compress the whole pipeline — only the segments are compressed much like a hat is indented.
Hug Pipeline
Hug Pipeline

  • Runs uninterrupted distances between two pig traps: OVER ONE MILE (not 200 to 800 meters).
  • With a larger gap, there is room for our patented extruded ‘slip slide’ , which looks like an elongated mat with lubricant inserted into its channels for longer runs (1 to 5 miles).
  • The HUG spiraling segments are depressed; then it is ‘reverted’ to its original shape/size to form a close fit lining.
  • Produced continually at the inlet of the corroded pipe
  • Has the lowest overall lifespan costs compared with other alternatives at a cost of 25% to 33% less.
  • The best feature is its efficiency: there is little friction created on the inside lining because of its striations (rifling), which creates a laminar flow.  This translates into farther distances needed between pumps (four times) and less pumping stations. *The extra cost of installing such a liner in new pipelines is easily offset by these annual savings from pumping and maintenance.

The ‘Low Price of Oil’ Argument: low prices spell poor performance and low ROI for oil companies. Consider the possibility of redirecting one’s efforts on rehabilitation of pipelines and improving the design of new pipelines. This course of action of a new product, the HUG, with above average high profits will compensate for the other sectors of the company.

This HUG Oil or Gas Pipeline Liner provides the following benefits:

  • a more efficient flow by keeping any particles from grinding on the bottom of the pipeline
  • a longer distances between pumping stations beyond the present day technology.
  • a faster smoother flow up to  four times the normal flow rate
  • a special continuous extrusion system on site without unnecessary digging.


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