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pollution China

Man-made and visible from space: PM2.5 POLLUTIONChina polluion PM2.5

Air over industrial belts in China is polluted. No big surprise. But how much more or less polluted is it compared to industrial belts in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Africa and Japan?

China pollution

China is now the largest emitter of CO2 in the world (although you are correct that the US is much higher per capita). India generates 71% of its electricity from coal.

China pollution

A plausible estimate may be made from the vantage-point of a satellite by measuring how much light is blocked by particles, and estimating from those particles’ chemical composition the likely distribution of their sizes, drawing on data from American satellites to map out PM2.5 pollution across the entire world. “PM2.5” refers to the smallest solid particles in the atmosphere—those less than 2.5 microns across. Such dust can get deep into people’s lungs; far deeper than that rated as PM10.

China pollution

World Health Organisation guidelines suggest that PM2.5 levels above ten micrograms per cubic metre are unsafe.  Shandong and Henan provinces are topping 50. Yet there are sharp spikes in pollution that are seen on particularly dirty days, when spot readings go much higher. Bejing, the capital’s pollution measures 35. Citizens from Beijing rarely see the sun during some months.

As grandparents who have the authority to solve the pollution problem, what do you say to your grandchildren?

China pollution

China has opposing government policies:

1) Pollution Control
2) Subsidizing Green Energy and Technology
3) Subsidizing green transport.

But on the other hand

1) Government provides heavily subsidies loans to build coal energy plants
2) Subsidizes gasoline, thus encourages use.
3) Subsidize the car industry.China pollution

It seems like there are two governments going in the opposite direction. It is similar to China’s smoking policy. China subsidies the treatment of hundreds of people dying every year of smoking related illness, but China state owned companies are the largest suppliers of cigarettes (cancer sticks) in the world.

China pollution cigarettes

Here are the deaths caused by PM2.5 exposure:China pollution

Carbon Tax NOT Enough

A Full Scale Aquaponic Tree Nursery in Africa supported by:

  1. A Micro Hydro Electric System: no dams:
  2. An Irrigation System:
  3. A Rabbit and Fish Farm:
  4. An Agroforestry Intercrop System:
  5. The Charitable Arm:
  6. God’s Loveletters:
  7. Thunder of Justice:


    Stage 1     Agricultural Mechanization of Africa                        
    Stage 2   Today’s Tall Trees Nursery: Carbon Tax Fund 
    Stage 3   Micro Finance & Landlord Cooperatives 
    Stage 4   Irrigation in Remote Areas using kinetic energy from moving water.
    Stage 5   Electricity Created in Remote Areas using moving water without the use of a dam.



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