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Ireland and Scotland Wave Energy

Ireland and Scotland Wave Energy Potential

HUG Wave Energy

The HUG Ireland and Scotland Wave Energy is a game changer. It promises to bring electricity created from ocean wave energy to the ocean shores of Ireland and Scotland at a very low cost.

The following images are located along the coast wherever there is a natural small bay. This type of topography reduces the cost of the reservoir.

IRELAND: Ballymore

Ireland Scotland Wave Energy
Ireland Wave Energy: Ballymore West

SCOTLAND: Brue and Barvas

Scotland Wave Energy
Scotland Wave Energy: Brue, Barvas

HUG Wave Energy Now enter a new use which is more profitable: the creation of electricity. Now it makes sense to spend over $25 million on the project because of a very lucrative return on investments: 19%/year in first year to 105%/year thereafter.

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