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Spur Dikes & Rock Vanes

Spur Dikes increase Kinetic Energy

Malawi Kinetic Energy HUGConstructed rocky shoals are used to divert water away from the bank and build a concentrated faster flow.  Spur dikes or rock vanes are used to narrow a widened channel of rapids in order to increase the velocity of the flow. Rock and stone walls are less costly than concrete walls.

Why increase the Velocity of the Flow?

Let’s look outside the box.

Rome in a Box

Is there a better way to increase the velocity of the flow and thereby reduce the size of the system by a factor of eight?
The HUG adds over three times the increase of velocity created from its Vortex. The turbine’s power is proportional to the cube of its average velocity. Thus, a doubling of the average speed of the flow results in an eight-fold increase in its power, which results in the lowest cost: $0.01/kWh.
The resulting kinetic energy (KE) would be increased by a power of three: v³ to 6³/2³or 27 times. The 4 knot (2 m/sec) current becomes 6 m/sec in the HUG and the KE increases from 50 kW to 1350 kW for 20,000 homes instead of 500 homes.
{KE (Kinetic Energy) = .5 x Area x v³ x .35 (efficiency)}
The HUG can be configured in arrays of much larger capacity – potentially hundreds of megawatts.

Here is a big bonus.

You have to go through 20 to 25 different regulatory agencies in this country. The HUG Energy System acts in the form not unlike that of a boat, which requires little environmental regulations.



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