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HUG Artificial Reef Electricity

Artificial Reefs


The HUG Artificial Reef is a game changer. It promises to bring electricity created from ocean waves to the islands of the world at a very low cost.

HUG Artificial Reef ElectricityArtificial reefs, at 4, have long been on the forefront of surfers’ minds.  They can create very high slab waves, at 1.


HUG Artificial Reef Electricity

This is how a wave builds after it hits a focus point. The parallel wave fronts arriving at the coast need to be deflected on an angle over a head or focus, called a pointbreak.

HUG Artificial Reef

The wave is pushed up further than it normally would by 200%- 250%. This rising causes the wave to peel at only one place but as it proceeds towards shallower water over the wall of a reservoir along the wedge or the wall of the reservoir. The wave peels further and further, while keeping its height.  What surfing and how safe!

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