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Kipawa Hydro Reservoir

The Kipawa Hydro Potential

This large Ottawa River reservoir, built by the Canadian government at the beginning of the last century, is already more than sufficient to add a full-time 70 MW power plant but it would significantly impact the environment. Developed by the Kipawa Reservoir community, this project would be by far the most profitable in Quebec at this time, and would provide a return on investment within just a few years.

Kipawa Hydro HUG

The 132 MW Tabaret project will eliminate the aquatic ecosystem of the Kipawa River to replace and unused 17 MW Unit and a 5 MW plant.

There are other, smarter and more reasonable options for producing hydro power on the Kipawa watershed: the HUG Hydro System. There are two approaches: one uses kinetic energy of moving water of the rapids and the second use the energy of gravity from small waterfalls.


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