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South Africa Wave Energy

 The South Africa Wave Energy Potential

HUG Wave Energy

The HUG South Africa Wave Energy is a game changer. It promises to bring electricity created from ocean wave energy to the ocean shores of South Africa at a very low cost.

The following images are located along the west coast of South Africa wherever there is a natural small bay. This type of topography reduces the cost of the reservoir.


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Waterfalls that Empty into an Ocean


65 MW is a Huge Potential!


The power of ocean waterfalls is possible because the water is traveling at 26 mph at the foot of waterfall:

Jeongbang Waterfall in South Korea:  23 m (75 ft) high: 

Six Helical Turbines at three levels: 18 HUG Turbines

(Final Velocity= 2 x a x s (distance)

Acceleration = a = g (acceleration of gravity)= 9.8 m/sec

Final Velocity = 12.5 m/s for 8 m distance (s)

  1. Initial Power of First Set of Turbine installed at 8 m level

KE = ½ x  A x V ³ x efficiency (A = area swept; Velocity)

                     at One Third of the crest of a waterfall

 One Third Power of the Helical Turbine

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (12.5 m/s)³ x .35 = 1,100 kW/turbine x 6 =6.6 MW

Final Velocity = 17 m/s for 15 m distance (s)

2.  Power of Second Set of Turbine installed at 15 m level

                     at Two Third of the crest of a waterfall

Two Third Power of the next set of 6 Helical Turbines

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (17 m/s)³ x .35 = 2,800 kW/turbine x 6 =16.8MW

3.  Final Power of Third Set of Turbine installed at 23 m level

                     at the  Bottom of the crest of a waterfall

Full Power of the last set of 6 Helical Turbines

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (23 m/s)³ x .35 = 6900 kW/turbine x 6 =41 MW

Total Power of 18 HUG Turbines: 65 MW without the Vortex

160 MW is a Greater Potential!


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