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Waterfalls that Empty into an Ocean


65 MW is a Huge Potential!


The power of ocean waterfalls is possible because the water is traveling at 26 mph at the foot of waterfall:

Jeongbang Waterfall in South Korea:  23 m (75 ft) high: 

Six Helical Turbines at three levels: 18 HUG Turbines

(Final Velocity= 2 x a x s (distance)

Acceleration = a = g (acceleration of gravity)= 9.8 m/sec

Final Velocity = 12.5 m/s for 8 m distance (s)

  1. Initial Power of First Set of Turbine installed at 8 m level

KE = ½ x  A x V ³ x efficiency (A = area swept; Velocity)

                     at One Third of the crest of a waterfall

 One Third Power of the Helical Turbine

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (12.5 m/s)³ x .35 = 1,100 kW/turbine x 6 =6.6 MW

Final Velocity = 17 m/s for 15 m distance (s)

2.  Power of Second Set of Turbine installed at 15 m level

                     at Two Third of the crest of a waterfall

Two Third Power of the next set of 6 Helical Turbines

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (17 m/s)³ x .35 = 2,800 kW/turbine x 6 =16.8MW

3.  Final Power of Third Set of Turbine installed at 23 m level

                     at the  Bottom of the crest of a waterfall

Full Power of the last set of 6 Helical Turbines

    = ½ x 3.26 m² x (23 m/s)³ x .35 = 6900 kW/turbine x 6 =41 MW

Total Power of 18 HUG Turbines: 65 MW without the Vortex

160 MW is a Greater Potential!


The HUG Funnel Prototype Continue reading Waterfalls that Empty into an Ocean

HUG Wave Energy Systems




THE idea of extracting energy from an ocean wave and turning it into electricity is an alluring one. It has the potential to fill in the gaps that are left by wind and sun power plants when it is calm and dark.

 We calculate that the cost of producing electricity from the HUG will be around $0 .003 kilowatt hour. That compares with 16 cents a kilowatt hour for offshore wind farms, six cents for the onshore variety and a grid-connected fossil-fuel power station at five cents or more.

 HUG Wave Energy Systems are ultra-simple, only three moving parts: the helical turbine, the submersible pump and the electric generator (which is accessible and kept dry).  The simple HUG design will operate for decades with no more maintenance than an occasional scrub to remove accumulated barnacles.

The HUG uses higher waves to fill a higher reservoir to a greater water level than the surrounding ocean. The lower Pump HUG has a helical turbine, which engages a submersible pump in order to send water up a HUG pipeline to a second Funnel HUG above the water line on its own barge where its second helical turbine engages an electric generator in a dry environment.

The real advantage of the HUG is POWER from the action of the vortex in the HUG and the Venturi effect created by the shape of the HUG:

hug wave energy

Now let’s explain the real reason for the HUG: HIGH POWER DENSITY Continue reading HUG Wave Energy Systems