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There are over 100 patents designed to capture energy from the kinetic energy, but none have proved economically viable. Most of the funding comes from governmental sources.

No one has invented the best wave energy device yet:  22 MW is the sum total of global wave energy (compared to approximately 150,000 MW for each of wind and solar global energy).

     … but they have not investigated the high-powered 11 MW HUG:

HUG Energy Inc. consider itself as a “pioneer firm”, which are developing new products, leaping beyond the market’s expectations.

  1. The HUG concept combines existing, mature offshore and hydro turbine technology in a novel way by building an artificial reef, which serves to create a slab wave higher than 10 meters.
  2. The HUG is the only wave energy converter technology under development that can be freely up-scaled, because of its low cost/kilowatt and its comparatively low weight.
  3. Due to its size, the HUG maintenance and even major repair works can be carried out at sea leading to low operating and maintenance cost relatively to other concepts. The HUG can be lifted and replaced by a crane located on a sea going barge.

Imagine what this means to island electricity with several high-powered 11 MW HUGs:

The Traditional Hydro Electric Dam

It’s no secret that hydroelectricity sits near the top of the renewable energy list. But hydro invariably conjures images of soaring concrete dams, rerouted rivers and flooding, environmental damage and displaced people. This is not to mention the stiff price tag that comes with such an immense engineering project, which use up to 2 million m3 of concrete.

 These large schemes using dams having long lead-times between investment and profit, which can be over 10 years.

Short Time Frames

This development is an exciting breakthrough in green energy. Small batches of HUG turbines can be installed with only a short period of 12 to 18 months between investment in the technology and the time when revenue starts to flow.  it is modular, relatively easy to install and highly scalable.

Think what this means to most islands, which suffer from lack of electricity.

The inventor estimate that the HUG power plant pathway will reduce costs of construction conservatively by over 90 percent initially compared to conventional dams.

Vortex Velocity

Helical Turbines have been in an experimental stage since 1991 until 2007 when an array of permanent, commercial-sized turbine has been installed commercially by Kordi ($250 million), which commenced off the island near South Korea.  Notice the size of the car compared to only one MW System in the picture below.


Remember that the HUG vortex  creates four to five times the increase of velocity. The turbine’s power is proportional to the cube of its average velocity. Thus, a doubling of the average speed of the flow results in an eight-fold increase in its power.

Flume Velocity

Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x (Area of the Flow) x efficiency (35%) x        cube of (Velocity of the Flow) 

If the system above were place in a HUG environment, it would be one-eight smaller.

Tornado Funnel



New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Our Mission: to help solve the problem of carbon dioxide build up in the world by growing and managing mature forests of foliage, fruit and nut trees that eventually are used in lumber — not firewood. The Carbon Tax Fund supports a Micro finance initiative to support women farmers and their families who will nurture these trees over their lifetime. The Net Present Value of each tree is $1.49 including maintenance for 25 years.

Tree Growth


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